Citizen Resources

Citizen Alert Notification System Click on the logo to learn more about everbridge alert system

Mass Notification service that allows you to receive alerts. You opt-in to enter your contact information and subscribe to notification you care about based on your location. The information you provide is protected and will not be used for any other purpose. Click on the everbridge logo to get more information.

 Click on the logo to learn more about fire prevention Turn Your Attention to Fire Prevention

Click on the logo above  to receive up-to-date information on trending fire risks, sites for educators and students, and current data on local fire fatalities. Turn Your Attention to Fire Prevention and join us as we unite fire prevention efforts across Alabama.

 Alabama SAF-T-Net 

Alabama SAF-T-Net is a statewide weather alerting service provided at no cost to the residents of Alabama. Designed to notify those in the path of dangerous weather through text messaging, email, voice calls or mobile apps:

Click here to download the Alabama Saf-T-Net app!

Click Here for today’s weather forecast.